Download and Install Minecraft on Mac OS

  • Developer: Mojang
  • Genre: Sandbox, Survival
  • Version: Release
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Official link to download:

Minecraft is a sandbox video games creation which was launched in the market in 2011 and since then has been a very popular game. This game is not available on the official apple sore of the company and needs to be downloaded separately from the website mentioned. Minecraft is not freely available and you have to buy it. It is quite a popular game and is a highly rated one. This game has been a favorite for people in their twenties and is a great option if you like to increase their creativity. The game demands quality skills from the players. It is a 3 dimensionally designed fantasy world. you have to create and plan things your way. The game is available across a large number of platforms and you need not to worry as you can play the game irrespective of the platform you are in.

Steps to download Minecraft in Mac OS

  • Go to Minecraft website

  • Create your Mojang Account

  • If you already have a Mojang account then just sign in

  • Click on the link to buy the game (minors need parents’ permission to buy it)

  • Once you have downloaded the file it will be visible on your download section as a dmg format file.

Steps to install Minecraft on Mac OS

  • Open the dmg file from the download folder

  • Drag the file to the application folder which you can see on your screen

  • Click on the Minecraft icon from the Launchpad menu from your screen

  • Now you will get a notification that Minecraft has been installed in your system, click on the open option

  • The Minecraft option will open, do not click on cancel and wait for the application to be completely installed before it automatically shows launched

  • Then the software will be launched automatically

  • You need to sign in with your Mojang account and password

  • Your game is now ready to play

Basic system requirements to download Minecraft

  • OS X 10. 5. 8 or higher

  • Intel or AMD graphics

  • 2GB of RAM

  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor

This game is the 2nd most downloaded game at the moment and you can guess the popularity of this game. The game is preferred by the players who play it on windows as the game is easy to control on desktop or laptops rather than that on the mobiles and tablets.

It is very difficult to get a hacked a version of the game and it is mainly available on paid version only. In case you get a hacked version of the game it is better to stay away from it as it might contain any viruses or any other malware so be careful about that as you do not want to damage your system for a game.

You can try the free demo version of the game

If you want to try the game before you purchase it is possible and you can simply download the demo version of the game and play it on your play station console. This game is available on Android and iOS versions also but the free demo versions are not available on these platforms. So, you need to have a console or desktop if you want to try out this game for free. The free version is purely made for the purpose of demo and you can access only a few levels and stages and certain characters if you are using a free mode. This is just made to introduce you to the game and you will have to purchase the entire version to play the game.

Minecraft enhances the skill of the players

It is not that video games are always not ideal for kids it is often a great skill enhancer and you will develop your construction skills while playing the game. This game is great even for kids to enhance their puzzle skills and helps to develop your kid's mental ability. But if played too much this game might turn out to be very addictive over time. So, parents must keep a check on their kids if they are introducing them to this game.

Thus, this game is highly rated and preferred by many across the globe and if you have not yet given this a try it is highly recommended that you download and try the demo version. Then if you like it you can go ahead and purchase the game. But at least you can try it at first. But stay away from the cracked version to avoid any malware on your system. this is a great game and a good time pass. But if you are only fond of action based games then you might not like this game. Hope this will solve your issues related to Minecraft.