Download and install Minecraft on Linux

  • Developer: Mojang
  • Genre: Sandbox, Survival
  • Version: Release
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Official link to download:

If you want to play the full version of the game, then you will need to own the Minecraft: Java Version of the Linux. The platforms that it can be played on include Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, it can be compatible with devices such as iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows phone among the others.

Also, if you intend on playing with your group of friends on a private server then you can do that as well. You will have to get a server that will run for both your friends as well as for you.

Well, speaking of the gameplay this game has no specific games that you need to accomplish. The players have their freedom and they can choose how they would want to play this game.

How to download Minecraft on the Linux?

So before you get started off with the game, you will have to get it downloaded on the Linux. You should know that you can download this game anytime that you wish to for no cost at all but in case you desire to play the full version of it you will have to make an account and you will be charged for the game.

When you go on the web and search for Minecraft you will have three options that pop up to you. These will include:

  • Get Minecraft

  • Play the demo

  • Already brought the game

Well, irrespective of whether you have paid for an account or not, you need to pick the last option. Then click on the link and then you will see the download has started.

How to install Minecraft on the Linux?

So, once you are done with the download, you will be able to run the file. Immediately after this, the installation process will begin. Then you can follow the on-screen instructions that will help you in completing the installation process. Usually, there are no problems encountered while the installation process is taking place but in case there are any issues, then you can contact their official help center and they will help you in sorting your problem.  

Registering for an account: when the launcher opens you will be asked for your login details. This basically will be the verification to know if you have paid or not for the game. Since you do not have an account, you will have to register for one. Make sure you provide a strong and secure email address because it will be required for the process of verification.

Play for free?

Once you have your account registered, then you will be able to log in directly into your account. Remember that you will need an internet connection since your details need to be verified with the server.

Then you will see that down below on the Linux you will see a play demo button. You can click here in order to get the game launched. After this you will see that the launcher will shut down and a new window will pop up, then you need to click on play demo world which is located on the title screen.

Well, after you are done with this, you will be able to play the game for absolutely free of cost! In case you are playing this game for the very first time then you need to bear in mind that the demo version will not be the entire version of this game. It will only give you a brief about what the entire version of the game looks like.

Are there any differences between the demo play and the entire version of the game?

Well, yes. There are some differences like in the demo version of the game you will be restricted to only about 100 minutes of the session play. After that is being completed you will still be able to visit the world but you will not be able to place or break any blocks. Apart from this, the demo version of Minecraft will not give you an opportunity to get connected to your servers. But you will still be able to play LAN multiplayer games.

Do you have a friend who owns a copy of this game? Well, that can be some good news for you. You must be wondering how? Well, let us get some more details about the same. You can play this game on the Linux, all you will require are his or her login details. But you need to bear in mind, that you need your friend's permission in order to use his or her account – do not use it if they haven't given you their permission. Also, do not go ahead and do any illegal distribution with your friend's account because if they get caught then their account will be banned completely.