Minecraft Review 2019

Tips in finding diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are a rare, precious stones which are most sought items in Minecraft. Why? Diamonds are not
just scarce, but they also have so many uses. The most exciting and rewarding moment in playing
Minecraft is the search for the sparkling blue diamonds. This precious stone can only be found in the
deepest portions of rocks. In result, players are a challenging for the search of diamonds. Do you want
to have an endless supply of diamonds? I’m sure you do. Before you begin your quest, it is necessary to
know first the right tool for the right job. In mining for diamonds, you’ll need an Iron/Diamond Pickaxe
for your mining. Of course for you to survive in your journey, you will also need foods, torch, and other
useful items along the way.

Finding for Diamonds

Diamonds can be acquired from the diamond ore, and this rare stone block can be found in level 5-16.
Diamonds can be found anywhere below layer 16, but most can also found in layer 5-12. In searching for
diamond ore, it is up to you to use caving or mining. Either way, these two methods can be done if you
have Iron/Diamond Pickaxe. Not only diamonds can be found along the way in your mining. Other
precious stones like gold, silver, and emerald or red stone are also useful in your journey.

Here are some of the tips and methods you can use in finding diamonds in Minecraft.

By Caving

Caving method is less-expensive than mining. On the other hand, it is time-consuming and more
dangerous. Caving requires you to do a series of exploration in some dark areas filled with various kind
of monster so be careful. In searching for diamond ore utilizing caving, go and explore every cave you
find in your way. As you explore in different caves, make sure that you’re going down until you reach on
level 15 and below. By pressing F3 (the debug screen), you will able to check your depth and location.
Level 11 and 12 are also best to mine. Diamonds are rare stone, so don’t give up on searching. Explore
more on different caves and dig deeper. You can also switch to another method like mining or even
searching for a village chest.

By Mining

Mining in Minecraft is safer and reliable than caving. But take note it consumes more resources
especially on crafting tools. Before to start mining players must prepare 4 stacks of torches, 10+ pickaxes
(depending on your available resources), a full set of iron armor, iron sword, foods, water bucket,
crafting table and furnace. These are some of the tools needed in mining. Why should I bring a water
bucket? Players can use a water bucket to get and store lava on nearby lava pool and use it for smelting.

Mining By Staircase Method

Never mine in Minecraft straight down. You can use the staircase method in mining. This method is
useful to mine deeper safely and efficiently. Dig at 45-degree angle that leaves a staircase pattern
behind you as you dig deep. By the staircase method, you can quickly return to the surface with no hassle by merely jumping on the staircase blocks. This method is widely used in achieving of finding
diamonds and other minerals as well.

Branch Mining Method

Finding diamonds by branch mining is also an effective way. In doing, branch players can able to cover a
lot of areas by making a 2x2 tunnel. Digging also some branches in every third block you dig increasing
the possibility of finding rare diamonds.

Look for Chest

Sometimes diamonds can be found in chests in some villages or even in abandoned mine shafts. Since
diamonds are rare to find and don’t rely too much on searching for chests in your journey.


One way to speed up your search for diamonds is by using TNT. Having a significant number of supplies
of TNT will make your search for diamonds faster and secure.

Other Useful Tips

  • Always have lots of torches since as you mine deep, you’ll need torches to light up your way.
  • Don’t get too excited in mining diamond ore. Make sure to check your surroundings. Be careful in
    Lava flow as these might surprise you and lose your goods, treasure and even your life.
  • Bring the necessary tools you’ll be needed in your quest.
  • Minecraft has vast and limitless areas you can explore. Try searching for diamonds in your way.

Now that you have your first diamonds in your hand it is best for you to have safekeeping. You can store
and place them in a chest; this might be in your home or your mining outpost. Be careful from creepers
this might attack your chest and start again in the beginning.

Uses of Diamonds

Since you have now your diamonds, you can now start on crafting best items made in diamonds in
Minecraft. These are the following:

  • Shovel
  • Sword
  • Boots
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Chestplate
  • Helmet
  • Leggings and many more.

Diamonds can be used in crafting armor, weapons, and tools

In fighting for different monsters sword and armor are needed. Diamonds can be used to make diamond
armor and sword. Diamond sword significantly does damage among any swords. Landing three hits on
the enemy will surely kill them. On the other hand, diamond armor protects the player better from the
damage it gets from the enemy attack. These two items have a great advantage in fighting and durability
than any armor and sword made from other materials. To acquire a full set of diamond armor and
diamond sword 24 diamonds are needed. Adding 9 diamonds more will enable you to acquire a
complete set of tools. These include axe, shovel, and pickaxe made from diamonds.

Other diamond items

Diamonds are also useful in crafting jukeboxes and mostly enchantment tables. Sometimes players use
to convert their experience to improve their valuable tools employing enchantment.

There you have it. Following these tips and guidelines will surely increase the possibility of finding lots of
diamonds in your journey down to the earth. Minecraft provides you and other players the freedom to
engage and explore its vast areas. Crafting, hunting, digging, building, and Fighting are some of the
exciting activities you can experience while playing Minecraft.

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