New Nintendo 3DS Edition Updated!

Want to play this version of Minecraft but don’t own a dual-screened wonder machine that can play it? Well, if you live in Europe or Japan, maybe the New Nintendo 2DS XL Creeper Edition is the console for you! It’s the Creepiest DS ever! Wait, that doesn’t sound good at all…

Mojang’s Lydia Winters was heavily involved in this Creep-tastic new design: “We looked at different ideas, but wanted to make sure it was iconically Minecraft,” she tells me. “Other thoughts for the design were around a dirt block (but we did that for the Xbox One), we looked at items shown on the front (like the sword and the pickaxe), but in the end decided that the creeper green and pixelation would ultimately make it stand out in a unique way.

“We had to go back and forth around how far down the pixels could go because the cover needs to protect the hardware inside. Pixels seem simple, but making sure they are all aligned is a constant struggle. Silly pixels!”