How to Download Minecraft Maps on Xbox One

If you happen to be an Xbox One adept and a Minecrafter at the same time, you probably have had mulled over a way of installing Minecraft worlds on your console. This issue caused a great deal of confusion, but in actuality, there's really nothing difficult. Almost nothing difficult.

We have prepared this short guide to help you out.


#1. Horizon method

Now, this method only works if you own Xbox 360 and now would like to transfer some maps to your Xbox One. If you've never had Xbox 360, skip it to the second guide below.

1)    Turn your Xbox 360 on and go to Settings and then click on System.

2)    Prepare a flash drive that has at least 2GB of free space.

3)    In System, click on Storage and insert the flash drive into the console. Note that it must be formatted for Xbox 360. If not then while in Storage Devices, click Y and select Format.

4)    Go to the hard drive of your console and transfer your profile to the flash drive. You'll be suggested to sign out - click yes.

5)    Unplug the flash drive and go to your PC.

6)    There you'll need to download Horizon software:

7)    Install it on your computer.

As soon as installation is complete, do the following:

1)    Insert the flash drive with your profile into the PC.

2)    Download the Minecraft map you want (BIN File).

3)    Launch Horizon and click on Inject New File.

4)    Select the map you've downloaded a sec ago.

Now you need to link your Minecraft profile:

·        In Horizon's Device Explorer open folder Games.

·        Find and open Minecraft.

·        Locate there a map you've just downloaded - drag it to the Rehash & Resign field.

·        A window will pop up - click on Manage and mark your profile as favorite.

·        Then click on Change & select your profile.

·        Click on Save, Rehash and Resign.

Remove your flash drive and return to the Xbox. Move the maps to the hard drive of your console.

Finally the last stage:

1)    Be online on your Xbox 360.

2)    Press Y on the map you want to move to your Xbox One.

3)    Select Upload save for Xbox One.

4)    Wait for 5 minutes.

5)    When it's done - switch to Xbox One.

6)    Press X on the transferred map - the Xbox 360 Save will be retrieving.

7)    Mission complete!

As you can see, the Horizon method is quite painstaking: it involves a lot of devices and consumes a fat portion of your time. The next way of downloading Minecraft maps might be helpful for those, who own an Xbox One only.

#2. Realm method

For this method, you will need an Xbox One console, Windows 10 and a Minecraft realm.

1)    Download a map on your computer, which has Windows 10.

2)    Add it to your realm: choose an existing realm that has a tiny green light.

3)    There's a pen icon next to it - click on it.

4)    Select Replace World -> Confirm.

5)    Find the newly downloaded map - click on it and then hit Let's go.

Press play to check if the map works.

Now switch to your Xbox One:

1)    Hit Play.

2)    Choose the active realm.

3)    Click on the pen icon next to the active realm.

4)    Click on Download World - it'll be saved on your Xbox One.

5)    Hit Let's go.

And the deed is done - the map has been downloaded. However, this will cost you real-life money since Minecraft realms charge you monthly payment: the cheapest realm costs $3.99 and allows three players (owner + 2 people) to play simultaneously.

#3. Mobile method

To make this method work, you will need an iPhone or a Windows Phone.

1)    Have the game installed on both Xbox One and on one of the above-mentioned devices.

2)    Get a OneDrive app for your phone, install it and create a profile in it.

3)    On your computer download the maps you need either for PE Edition or Windows 10.

4)    Upload the maps to your OneDrive account.

5)    Open OneDrive, download the map to your device and open it - through Minecraft on iPhone. On Windows 10: Left Arrow box Next to Create New button  -> select OneDrive -> open the map you want -> click the check mark.

The map must be multiplayer and have the Friends of Friends level of access. Start the map on your smartphone and double-check its screen won't get locked - it will ruin the game instantly. That's why it's recommended to keep it charging.

Final move: start Minecraft on your console: right under the Friends tab you will see your nickname and the title of the map.

However, this method has a major drawback: the game flow becomes quite laggy.