• Developer: Mojang
  • Genre: Sandbox, Survival
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date 18 November 2011
Developer Mojang
Publisher Mojang
Genre Sandbox, Survival
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish
System PC, Mac OS
Version Release


Minecraft – Your Ultimate Creative Destination

Minecraft is a game that truly challenges your creative abilities. Created by the Swedish developer Markus Persson and further improved by Mojang, the game initially became available to the public in 2011. Since its launch, Minecraft attracted a lot of attention and currently has an extensive fan base. This Minecraft review will help you understand the game better if you have never played it before.

Minecraft – create the world of your dreams

Minecraft is a special game in a sense that you can make it what you want it to be. The gameplay is quite straightforward but gives players a lot of opportunities to create their own adventures depending on their tastes and preferences.

The game belongs to the sandbox genre and its goal is to use various blocks to come up with the new buildings and create completely new worlds and environments.

Players can choose from different modes. In the survival mode, the player has to maintain his health and obtain the necessary resources to build the world. In the adventure mode, players can explore the custom maps that were developed by other users, but there are a number of limitations. The creative mode offers Minecraft fans a chance to fly and also an unlimited supply of resources that can be used to build new structures. Another mode on the list is the spectator mode and in it, players can travel across the Minecraft world but don’t have the ability to build or destroy anything. Lastly, the most dedicated fans of the game can test their luck in the hardcore mode, which offers the hardest level of difficulty and if you die only once, the entire world you’ve created will be deleted.  

Play Minecraft on your favorite devices

Being an extremely popular game, it’s not surprising that Minecraft can be played on all the most widely used devices, from computers to smartphones.

  • PC and Mac

To get the full gaming experience on your computer, you need to go to the official Minecraft website and purchase the game. If you don’t already have the Mojang account, you have to create one and you will be able to buy Minecraft: Java Edition. When buying the game, you will receive a free Minecraft code for Windows 10.

  • iOS devices

A lot of players appreciate an opportunity to play their favorite game on the go, and Minecraft is available for iOS devices and can be simply downloaded directly from the iTunes store. iOS 8.0 or more recent version is required. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Android devices

The pocket edition of the Minecraft game is also available for Android users that can download it from the Google Play store. The Android version that is required depends on each individual device. The game can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Consoles

The creators of Minecraft took care of the players who prefer consoles. The Minecraft download is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Switch, Wii U, and New3DS. The game for all of these devices can be purchased directly from the store section on the official Minecraft website.

What makes Minecraft special?

A lot of people who don’t play Minecraft may be surprised at its graphics. The charming appeal of the game is based on its blocky graphics that definitely stand out from other modern games offered. The graphics are reminiscent of the 8-bit games, but it’s all up to you to decide what you are going to do with what you were offered and how you will overcome these limitations. The Minecraft graphics are definitely memorable and cannot be mistaken for anything else in the popular culture. When it comes to the sounds, the music also leaves an impression, but some people may find it irritating at some points.

Another factor that should definitely be mentioned is the replay value. Minecraft is one of those games that can be played endlessly. You can create new worlds from scratch and switch between different modes, and it means that you will never get tired of the game.

The controls are easy to figure out and similarly to other games, you can change some of them to your convenience. All you should do is go to the “Options” menu and choose “Controls.”  

Our A’s To Your Q’s

How can I change the skin of my character?

After you purchase the game, you should go to your profile page, download the reference skin, and edit it the way you want it to look. Then, you should upload your custom skin at the preference page. To see it, you have to log into your account again.

How many worlds can a player create?

The number of worlds is not limited and it all depends on how much space you have on your device. The files with worlds generally occupy less 100 MB each.

How many computers can I install Minecraft on?

You can install the game on as many computers as you want, but multiples accounts have to be created for different players.

Can I play Minecraft offline?

Yes. It’s possible to play Minecraft when you are not online and in a single player mode.



Since its development, the Minecraft game has quickly become the classic of the modern gaming. The game is perfect for creative types who have plenty of patience to build their own virtual worlds, as they have all the necessary means to do that.


  • Absence of guides and in-game tutorials
  • Some game elements seem unfinished


  • Unique aesthetics
  • Great depth of the crafting system
  • Infinite number of possibilities
  • Excellent survival mode
Gameplay controls